The linkyard chronicle 2020 - we look back

Digitization of processes up to the front

While digitization is constantly advancing in the office, we still see great untapped potential among frontline employees. Be it on the construction site, in the field, in production or at points of sale: Employees outside of an office job are still far too little integrated into the flow of information and electronic processes. Our solution portfolio will become significantly more mobile and more tightly integrated with other systems in 2021.

Home office: come to stay

Everyone should have learned how to do a video conference last year. Some of it was difficult. But many things have proven so effective that many organizations will never fully return to the way they worked before the pandemic. 2021 will therefore be the year of consolidation. The emergency measures implemented in the short term must be transferred to regular operations. Classic Management by Objectives or Command & Control leadership systems are no longer adequate to lead distributed teams and team members. With the Objectives & Key Results method, we support organizations in strengthening goal-oriented, autonomous action.

New IT risks require modern answers

In the area of information security, traditional security systems that rely heavily on firewalled networks are increasingly reaching their limits. The trends towards the cloud, bring your own device and home office are calling into question tried and tested front- and back-end systems and are putting existing concepts under pressure. Last year, project mandates in the areas of risk & IT security and cloud were a conspicuous focus for us. And the regular media reports on successfully executed cyber attacks suggest that this topic is becoming even more important.

Alternatives to Atlassian Server Licenses

In the fall, Atlassian surprisingly announced that the server licenses of the popular products Jira, Confluence & Co. will receive support until 2024, after which they will be end of life. Many of our customers will have to think about the future of their systems until then. It is a central concern for us to support you in the best possible way, no matter which way you choose. We will help you migrate to the Atlassian Cloud or convert your systems to the Atlassian Data Center subscriptions designed for high availability operation. And for customers for whom the remaining Atlassian options are not suitable, we provide alternative solutions. With gitlab and Youtrack, we are now operating possible replacement solutions for Bitbucket and Jira. And in a few weeks we will also launch an exciting alternative solution to Confluence. Don't know how to proceed yet? Then we recommend you don't rush and get in touch with us. There is still some time until 2024 and the Atlassian server-based systems do not have to be decommissioned immediately.

Nine new faces at linkyard

Like everyone, we experienced a varied 2020 with many ups and downs. Thanks to loyal customers, flexible employees, a few right decisions and a good portion of luck, we got through the past year without government support. In the area of eGovernment, we were pleased to win three WTO tenders last year. These included a comprehensive framework contract for the provision of project management services for the strategic projects of the federal administration.

As a result, our team grew by another nine permanent employees last year. As before, we are committed to diversity. With a 50% share of women, a good mix of skills and different backgrounds, we believe we are ready to solve even the most complex problems at any time.

The nine new faces at linkyard

The linkyard Chronicle

We have a lot in the pipeline for 2021. So we will probably publish this Chronicle every quarter during the course of the year, so that you will always be up to date.

We wish you exciting projects, all the best and above all good health for the coming year!

Your linkyard team