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IT Security for SMEs and Municipalities: How Employees Become a Human Firewall

With targeted consultations and campaigns, we help you to protect your company, your community, your association or your foundation against cyber attacks and to sensitize your employees.

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Our models

IT security by subscription or
one-off security check

We promote IT security in your company and support you in training your employees to become human firewalls.

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One time check

Security Assessment

Our security assessment is a one-off check of how well your company is protected against cyber attacks and where there is the greatest potential for closing security gaps.

CHF 1'500
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Recurring security

Human Firewall

To be optimally protected against cyber attacks, your employees should form a human firewall. To achieve this, IT security must be a central topic in your company. We work together and constantly towards this goal with consultations, assessments and campaigns.

CHF 690.- /month
+ CHF 3.- per user & month
Security Assessment

IT security check for SMEs, municipalities, associations and foundations

Security is essential, especially for small and medium-sized businesses as well as municipalities, associations and foundations. Our IT security solutions are specifically designed to meet these needs. Our Security Assessment includes:

Phishing campaign

With a phishing campaign, we determine how well employees are sensitized to security-relevant topics and how IT security is in your company.

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Data Breach Report

We create a report that informs you whether your data has already been accessed without authorization and provide advice on solutions to close your security gaps.

CHF 1'500
1x phishing campaign (max 50 users)
1x Data Breach Report
including all licenses
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Our mission - your IT security

Safety check à la linkyard

Through our comprehensive security assessment, we offer a one-time check of how effectively your company is protected against cyberattacks. Not only do we identify existing security gaps, but we also analyze your overall security posture to determine the greatest potential for closing those gaps. Our offer is specifically aimed at SMEs, municipalities, associations and foundations, as these organisations are more at risk of becoming victims of cyberattacks.
Human Firewall - IT security by subscription

We turn your employees into a human firewall

In order to ensure IT security in your community, foundation, association or SME in the long term, it is essential to raise awareness and regularly repeat campaigns. As a result, employees become aware of dangers on the Internet and can better prevent cyber attacks.

Risk assessment according to ISO 27001
Security Awareness Assessment
Training campaign
Phishing campaign
The Inside Man
Data breach report every 6 months
Follow-up meeting every 6 months
CHF 690.- /month
+ CHF 3.- per user & month
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+ additional services

For an additional charge, we can also strengthen your IT security with the following offers

Password management

A central and secure word where passwords are generated and stored.

Remote Work

Equip laptops with the tools they need to work securely from anywhere.

Live Security Virtual Coach

The coach will guide you through different areas.


We equip you to meet even the highest compliance requirements.

A Security Dashboard
A Security Dashboard
A Security Dashboard

Helping people to help themselves

Why subscribe to IT security?

In practice, it has been shown that employees' awareness of IT security is strengthened after appropriate training. This is reflected in a lower susceptibility to phishing emails. But after some time, awareness decreases again and employees become more susceptible to cyber attacks again. We want to counteract this development with our "Human Firewall" offering. The goal is to make your employees aware of security problems and the dangers of cyber attacks through regular measures, so that they can form the first line of defense against hackers and cybercriminals in the long term or become a human firewall. Especially for SMEs, municipalities, associations and foundations, it is important that contributors are sensitized to IT security-related risks.

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IT security as an obligation

4 reasons why IT security is indispensable, especially for SMEs, municipalities, associations and foundations

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Data leaks and other IT security incidents can massively damage your organization's reputation and trust.
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IT security remains one of the most important topics for the management level of any organization.
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Ransom demands for so-called ransomware attacks can easily amount to hundreds of thousands to several million francs, depending on the size of the organization. Restoring the IT infrastructure after a cyberattack can therefore be very costly for your organization.
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Business continuity management

Without a functioning IT infrastructure, most of the important processes in most organizations will no longer work, resulting in a breakdown of day-to-day business.

What is phishing?

Phishing attacks pose a serious threat to the IT security of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as municipalities, associations and foundations. These fraudulent attempts to steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, and personal identification credentials have become extremely sophisticated and aim to infiltrate even well-protected systems.

Phishing is a method by which fraudsters pretend to be legitimate organizations in order to scam information. This is often done via fake emails, websites or even social media. Recipients are tricked into clicking on fake links or giving out personal information without realizing that they are victims of a scam.

Why are SMEs, municipalities, associations and foundations particularly at risk?

The forms of organisation mentioned are often less well protected than large companies or institutions. They may not have the resources for sophisticated security measures or training for employees. Phishers exploit these vulnerabilities to penetrate their systems.

Phishing campaign

Phishing campaigns are simulated phishing carried out by linkyard to train employees and sensitize them to the dangers of phishing attacks. In these simulated attacks, employees are sent fake emails or messages that resemble real phishing attacks. The aim is to see how employees react to these fake attacks and then provide them with feedback and training to improve their behavior.

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