End of Life Atlassian Server per 2024 - what now?

No new licences from February 2021, end of life in February 2024

Atlassian will stop selling new licenses for all server products like Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket in February 2021. With this stop, the development will also be shut down and support and patches will only be offered until February 2024 - after that, the server products will definitely no longer be usable. In February 2021, the prices for the server and data center licenses will also be increased.

In turn, features and services will be added to the data center and cloud products.

An overview of the various dates

Stay with Atlassian or look for an alternative?

We will be happy to support you after Atlassian has made its decision and show you possible solutions.

Products from linkyard

The use cases for Atlassian products are generally quite broad. Therefore, it is difficult to suggest a specific product as a replacement. Since we at linkyard also offer custom development, we can offer you a wide range of alternatives for your wiki or project management tool. Just contact us and arrange a non-binding appointment.

data centre

Data Center offers everything for a highly available operation and meets the highest security requirements. Even in this operating model, we can ensure that all your data remains in Switzerland. This is assured by our "swiss hosting" label from swiss made software.

Atlassian Cloud

The Atlassian Cloud is an alternative for companies that have no special requirements regarding the location of their data. However, if suppliers and subcontractors from the USA have to be excluded, the Atlassian Cloud is not an alternative. Details about data protection in the Atlassian Cloud can be found here.

How do I get there from my existing instance?

As a long-standing Atlassian Gold Partner, we can help you in many different areas. As a full service provider, we aim to support the entire lifecycle of your products. This includes:

  • Migrations - to Data Center or Atlassian Cloud
  • Archiving Server Instances
  • Customizing
  • Custom Development

In the coming weeks, we'll be publishing several posts on this to give you the best advice and ensure a seamless transition.

You can reach us at any time via chat at the bottom right or +41 31 508 76 20.

We are looking forward to your contact!