Are you undergoing a culture change?

Our "Organization Change Readiness" measures the ability to change in your organization.
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The pressure for change is increasing

Exogenous factors are far-reaching and affect all industries equally. Worth mentioning are, for example, the changing regulatory environment, technological change, and sociological developments. The radical change of business models, the paradigm shift of existing, as well as completely new business models (online / digital) demand an inherent and permanent ability to change.

These facts visibly demand flexibility, agility, in the mindset of a company.
Basic structures (processes) also need to be reviewed.

Illustration of a work cycle in the construction industry
The consequences of a lack of adaptability in the company:

- Then many change projects do not reach their target state, peter out or
become significantly more expensive than planned.

- The gap between the strategic and operational levels becomes larger and larger.
Accordingly, the credibility of management declines.

- Anticipation and control of the entire organization becomes fundamentally
more difficult.

linkyard AG and morciano global AG have developed a practice-oriented system that enables the company to record its current adaptability.

Within the framework of a practice-based approach, the most important elements of adaptability are systematically assessed for this purpose. The results are summarized in a detailed report and supplemented with concrete recommendations for action to effectively develop and strengthen current and future adaptability.

Illustration of a work cycle in the construction industry

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