Product Inception

New ideas brought to life

Being fast on the market with an iterative approach
We bring your ideas for software innovations to life. From the business model canvas to the minimum viable product to the fine-tuning via experiments, A/B tests and user surveys. The best solutions come from short, iterative development cycles and learning from the experiences of the first real users.
Three people working around a laptop. This illustrates software innovation.
Development of the product vision

Develop the product vision

Based on the business model canvas, we develop the product vision together with you. Then we look for ways to validate the central assumptions made in it as easily as possible. Surveys, tests with prototypes or simply data collection: the earlier we identify challenges, the better.
The minimum viable product

The Minimum Viable Product

In order to bring the idea to life, it is better not to get started right away and roll up the processes in the strategic core applications. Instead, we develop an initial minimum viable product on flexible DevOps platforms and using opportunistically chosen tools. We introduce this to the first pilot users in order to gain insights from the experiences of real users.
Fine tuning and extension

Fine tuning and extension

Are initial reactions already positive? Fine. But there is still room for improvement. Before the product is overloaded with countless additional features that are ultimately not decisive, or before central processes in core applications are changed, it is worth taking a look back. Could we have done it even better? What would happen if we did B instead of A? Until the product has finally established itself, a self-critical attitude and constant learning is required.

Do you have a concrete idea that you would like to deepen?

We concretise these together with you in a preliminary analysis workshop. With your idea, we go through the first three phases of the Design Thinking method in a fast-track process and together we outline the business case and possible solutions, including initial statements on resource requirements, feasibility and possible courses of action.
With a minimum amount of time, you get a fresh perspective on your idea, new insights regarding success factors, feasibility and risks as well as information on planning and budgeting the next steps.


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