PM Consulting+ Tools included

Consulting in a carefree package

linkyard consultants bring along the entire project management platform
A doctor would describe our product as follows: "The surgeon brings the entire operating room with him".

Jira and Confluence are among the most widely used tools to manage projects in large enterprises and public organizations. Due to our unique business model of being Jira and Confluence specialists in addition to IT and organizational consulting, we can provide agile and classic project management tools to our consulting clients free of charge. Thus, projects can be initialized, planned, structured and implemented quickly and easily without having to procure systems or onboard external employees with their own clients. From the first day on!
Two people complete the last piece of a puzzle together. A finished house already stands on this last piece. This is to illustrate that our consultants bring the entire project management platform with them.

Free provision of state-of-the-art PM tools

During the term of the mandate, we provide state-of-the-art project management tools based on Jira and Confluence for collaboration at no additional cost. This includes, as agreed, for all internal and external project participants:

- Collaborative documentation platform
- Central file storage for the project
- Task tracking
- Project planning classic, agile or hybrid
- Requirements engineering functionality
- Test management functionality

At the end of the mandate, we help with the transfer of the documentation or provide an export.


linkyard has an externally audited ISO 27001:2013 systematically documented and applied information security management system. Several consultants also have a personal security clearance in accordance with PSP 11 and can also be deployed in projects with access to civil or military secrets or facilities of the Swiss Confederation.

Data protection

We comply with the requirements of the Swiss Data Protection Act and the EU DSGVO and can operate IT platforms exclusively in Europe or Switzerland without the participation of foreign subcontracted data processors.

Customizable templates

As a further added value, we provide our customers with adaptable templates for agile and classic forms of processing. These include HERMES 5.1, GDPM, Scrum and Kanban.

Immediate "ramp-up" of projects possible - setup and activation within one day

1. clarification of order after mandate
2. handover of stakeholder list to linkyard
3. onboarding of core team, steering members and other external employees with mail and password
4. tailoring of platform according to client's wishes

Optimal processing: Central project filing and joint or simultaneous collaboration

- The project platform: A "single source of truth" for the project
- Interactive project planning with core team (centralised or decentralised)
- Storing project notes and decisions
- Managing tasks by means of tasks
- Ensuring adequate documentation
- Joint development of delivery results

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