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Maintain an overview and accompany projects through agile organizations

Responsible designers in an agile environment
Agile teams and companies are increasingly organized in such a way that pure project manager roles from classic organizations interfere more than support within the established processes and are obsolete. But no matter whether SAFe, LESS, Lean, Scrum or Kanban: the targeted use of resources for the optimal design of products is more essential than ever. For this purpose, "owners" are needed at strategic, tactical and operational levels who maintain an overview, coordinate, inform and accompany projects through the agile organization.
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Implement portfolio projects consistently

Agile teams are getting better and better at turning user requirements into high-quality IT solutions. However, the product owners who further develop their applications and components necessarily have a certain silo view of their own area. Even the product manager cannot always successfully counter this, for example in the case of larger projects involving different trains or teams. In larger organizations, is it possible to consistently achieve the strategic goals of the management without additional structures or in a management by committee approach and to implement them in homogeneous solutions for the customers?

We believe that strategic projects that are to be implemented across teams need an owner. Together with the various roles of the agile organization, this owner defines consistent user-centric solutions. As the person responsible for implementation, he or she bears undivided responsibility for achieving the strategic goals and keeps an eye on the impact achieved in the market.

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Giving impulses and designing solutions

Our Epic and Capability Owners analyze business processes, elicit requirements and design the IT solutions in demand together with the business specialists and product owners. New business model canvases, optimized business processes and user-centric user journeys, minimal viable products and feature backlogs are created in the process.


Sparring partner for the parent organization

In the spirit of IT follows business, it is important that the parent organization, which is active in the market, assumes its leadership role in the design of its IT solutions and the management of its suppliers. With an external Epic or Capability Owner, the parent organization gains a sparring partner with a fresh perspective on the business and on collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Coordinate suppliers and developers

Epic and Capability Owner consolidate expectations and requirements and communicate these clearly prioritized to IT for solution development. If required, we carry out structured evaluation procedures to select suppliers. And during implementation, we clarify open questions, monitor the adoption of the solution by users and initiate measures.

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